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Tanya Reinhart, a powerful voice has been lost

by the ISM Media Team, March 18th Tanya Reinhart, Israeli anti-apartheid activist, died suddenly of a stroke in New York last night, March 17, 2007. She was 63 years old. Reinhart received her B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy and Comparative ...

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“We are still here”

by the ISM media team, March 13th This was the message from the IOF commander of Jenin district to students from Zababda village south of Jenin when 15 students from the Arab American University and 6 students from the local ...

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Tree planting in East Hebron village

by ISM Hebron, March 11th Human rights workers (HRWs) from Tel Rumeida were asked to accompany a farmer and help him plant trees on land near Bani Na’im east of Hebron. The tree planning was organized by the Centre for ...

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Tree planting as popular resistance in the Jordan Valley

by Jamil al-Husni It is surely a celebration. Everyone is bustling about, preparing for the day’s activities. But it is different than a typical celebration. Instead of carrying brightly colored drinks and holding plates of food, people are carrying shovels ...

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