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Joining ISM


After a re-evaluation phase, the ISM Palestine is ready to receive and train new volunteers in Palestine after mid-February. In order to join, please follow the following steps:


If you’re interested in becoming a part of the work on the ground in Palestine – “ahlan wa sahlan” (Arabic for welcome). In order to become a part of the team, we ask you to first contact one of the support groups near you. Be aware that you’ll have to commit to at least two weeks in Palestine (after training), in order to ensure that our teams can work effectively!

Our support groups can share information, give you an idea of what the work in Palestine will include, what living with the Palestinian community there means, what to be prepared for and what to expect. This process will give you and the support groups a better idea of whether you’d be able to fit in and adapt to do this kind of work. We advise everyone to not book a flight before having completed this initial assessment process with a support group!

In order to get started, please contact your nearest support group:

If you’re having any issues contacting your support group, please send us an e-mail and we’ll try to connect you. The support groups will also advise you on further steps and, in contact with the team in Palestine, will find the best time for you and the team in Palestine, to join.

For anyone already in Palestine, interested in joining the team, please sent us an e-mail. If you have not gone through the initial assessment process, we can not guarantee that you will be able to join the team, but if possible within our capacities will try to meet with you in order to see what is possible. We do not guarantee the possibility to join for people that have not completed the initial assessment process with a support-group.