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Women’s Action Brings Hope, Hebron

Women’s Demonstration in Hebron, Hope from Association of Women’s Action by Martinez, 2 April 2007 Yesterday, the Hebron Women’s Club organized a demonstration in the Old City of Hebron. The women met at the Israeli Machsom (checkpoint), which separates the ...

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Bil’in Commemorates Land Day

Bil’in Commemorates Land Day by Martinez All over the West Bank today, non-violent demonstrations were enacted against Israel’s Apartheid Wall and Israel’s theft of Palestinian land. Today was the 31st anniversary of “Land Day,” a day when Palestinians commemorate the ...

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More harassment and stonings in Tel Rumeida

Harrassment continues at checkpoint in Tel Rumeida by ISM Hebron At 11.50 at checkpoint 56 a Palestinian man approached the checkpoint, to pass from the Palestinian market to Tel Rumeida, with a metal cart with lots of bags and trays ...

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“Judaising” Jaffa: the demolition of Ajami

Normalising injustice by Arthur Nelson, 28 March 2007 “Beneath the pretty flowers of Israel’s propaganda machine lie some ugly facts on the ground in Jaffa.” Diplomatic briefcases are unlikely to be dropped at news of Condoleezza Rice’s call, on the ...

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