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Commemorating the Nakba in Ramallah

from Kim and Anjelka, IWPS, 17 May 2007 Al Nakba, which means “the catastrophe” in Arabic, is the name given by the Palestinians to the 1948 UN partition of British Mandate Palestine, establishment of the state of Israel and the ...

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(VIDEO) “We Need an International Anti-Apartheid Campaign”

“We Need an International Anti-Apartheid Campaign” presented by Jeff Halper, posted by Kathy, Halper is the Coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) and a Professor of Anthropology at Ben Gurion University. Originally from Minnesota (US), he has ...

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QUIT: Victoria’s Secret Weapon Fashion Show, SF

from Indybay, Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, 15 May 2007 Victoria’s Army, a division of Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!), delighted Mother’s Day shoppers in San Francisco on Saturday, May 12, with a fashion show outside Victoria Secret’s Union Square storefront. ...

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Destroying the Wall in Umm Salamuna

Two Israeli solidarity activists arrested on Nakba commemoration day by the ISM Media Crew, 18 May 2007 On May 18 2007, a demonstration commemorating the Nakba (the “Catastrophe,” when Israel forcibly displaced three quarters of a million Palestinians from their ...

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Showered with tear gas on Nakba day

from A-Infos, 19 May 2007 This Friday the theme of the demonstration in Bil’in was the Nakba. This week marked 59 years from the formal robbery of most of the Palestinian lands by the Israeli settler colonialists with blessing of ...

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“(VIDEO) Don’t s**t on our apricots!”

“Don’t S**T on our apricots!” by Martinez, 16 May 2007 Mohammad Abu Swai, who holds the deeds to this land, explains the situation in Artas village Maybe it was because the word was spread, the call was headed, and 4 ...

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