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Suffer the Children

I am still perpetually on the verge of crying or crying most of the time. Throughout my travels in Palestine, I have learned from the wisdom of children.

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ISM Podcast episode 13 – Jordan Valley Solidarity

International Solidarity Movement podcast: Jordan Valley Solidarity

This episode of the International Solidarity Movement Podcast was recorded last year, long before the current Israeli genocidal attack against Gaza began. Since te interview took place the situation in the Jordan Valley has got much worse. Jordan Valley Solidarity ...

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More White Roses

Tears come easily. Today I watched and listened to a hundred Jewish Israelis outside the U.S. embassy affirm that “grief has no borders,” as they collectively mourned those murdered in Gaza.

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Jenin: The Other Gaza

17 December 2023 | International Solidarity Movement | Jenin On Wednesday, December 13, I received a message from a fellow actress of the Freedom Theatre informing me that the occupation forces had arrested without charge Mustafa Sheta, theatre director and ...

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Candles in the Dark

It is nearing Christmas time in Bethlehem. And there is room at the inn this time. A family from Gaza had to go to a far away hospital for their child’s illness. Then October 7th occurred, and then the genocide.

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Dissonance in Jerusalem

As we left the forcibly silent Muslim quarter, we were bombarded by celebration, carelessness, and isolation just a few blocks over in a Jewish Neighborhood.

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ISM Podcast Episode 12: The General Union of Palestinian Women

International Solidarity Movement podcast Episode 12 - the General Union of Palestinian Women

ISM Podcast 12: The General Union of Palestinian Women TRANSCRIPT:  Hey, welcome to the International Solidarity Movement podcast. يلا اهلاً وسهلاً بكم في حلقة حركة التضامن الدولية، فلسطين [This transcript has been edited for clarity] Welcome to the ISM podcast. ...

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White Roses

A picture of a compass lying on brown fabric.

When I came to Palestine, I brought with me a compass. And when I open it, covering up what would point me north to find my way is white rose petals. The White Rose Society was a group of people ...

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