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14year old boy detained for trying to steal a landmine

A temporary checkpoint was erected in Tel Rumeida, Hebron, complete with a landmine placed on the road. Human Rights Workers noticed a young boy being detained. HRW’s approached the boy to enquire over what was going on. It was established ...

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Landowner visits land for the first time in years

Susya 1st September 2007 12 Palestinians and 3 Human Rights Workers (HRWs) went to visit land which is overlooked by an illegal Israeli settler colony and which has taken the old Palestinian name of Susya. Access to this land by ...

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Succesful Road Block Removal ends in Arrests

31.08.2007, Sarra – Nablus Region On Friday, 31.08.2007, International and Israeli Human Rights Activists joined the people of Sarra village in another demonstration against a roadblock that for years has obstructed direct access into Nablus city. For the last five ...

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Let Them East Grapes!

Umm Salumona For the first time in two months a Palestinian farmer was given permission today to visit his land at Umm-Salumona in the district of North Bethlehem. A large area of land has been annexed by the Israeli military, ...

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Settler Aggression at the Jabri Family Farm

Jabri Farm Demonstration 31 August 2007 A group of 40 activists, Palestinians, internationals, Israelis, ISM, CPT, the Children of Abraham and Taayush came to the jabri farm in Hebron for to demonstrate with the family, which faces displacement due to ...

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