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Needless House Occupation During Daytime Incursion

Nablus, September 8th On the Saturday the 8th of September the Israeli army invaded the home of the Abu Shhab family in Nablus. Twenty soldiers and four vehicles arrived at the house at 15:00 and threw all the inhabitants outside. ...

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ISM-Member Akram killed during clashes in Jenin

6th September 2007 Akram Ibrahim Abu Sba’, member of the ISM regional committee Jenin and co-founder of one of ISM’s first permanent presences was killed by members of Islamic Jihad in the north Palestinian city of Jenin. Akram was killed ...

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14year old boy detained for trying to steal a landmine

A temporary checkpoint was erected in Tel Rumeida, Hebron, complete with a landmine placed on the road. Human Rights Workers noticed a young boy being detained. HRW’s approached the boy to enquire over what was going on. It was established ...

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Landowner visits land for the first time in years

Susya 1st September 2007 12 Palestinians and 3 Human Rights Workers (HRWs) went to visit land which is overlooked by an illegal Israeli settler colony and which has taken the old Palestinian name of Susya. Access to this land by ...

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