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Soldiers Make Residents Pay to Pass Checkpoint

by W.B. Asira Al Shamaliyeh, a town of about 12,000 located a few kilometers north of the mountains from Nablus, has come to suffer under a new aspect of occupation. Asira has in recent months been effectively cut off from ...

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Armed Settler Militia Harrass Farmers in Beit Ummar

by Ernesto At 8:30am on Sunday, July 30th, six internationals accompanied Abu Ayyash and Yousef, both farmers, and Ahmed, a local organizer, from Beit Ummar, to spray their grapes with pesticides. Despite aggressive activity by settler militia and an Israeli ...

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Israeli Special Forces Excecute Two in Nablus

AP photo: Ewijan after he was taken to the morgue by Michael Last night, in the Ash Sheikh Musallem district of Nablus’s Old city, undercover agents of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) carried out two extra-judicial assassinations. According to eyewitness ...

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Settler Vandalism Caught on Tape

by B.B. On Wednesday, July 26th, at approximately 1:30 pm, a group of internationals went with the farmer Abu Jabber Soleiby to document the most recent damage to his land by settlers from the nearby settlement Beit ‘Ain. The settlers ...

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The Scene of Destruction at the Nablus Muqata

A follow-up report from our original press release about the attack. By Michael. Today, two ISM activists visited the site of the demolished Muqata in Nablus. Last week, from July 19th until July 21st Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) laid siege ...

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