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Beit Furik Demonstrate Against Closures

by ISM Nablus This morning a group of university students and other residents of Beit Furik joined in a non-violent demonstration against the early closure of the checkpoint separating them from Nablus city center. About 50 Palestinian and international protestors ...

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Even the Garbage is Occupied

by ISM Nablus In between the Israeli military checkpoints of Beit Iba and Shave Shomeron settlement, is the Palestinian village of Deir Sharaf. The village has 3,500 residents and is dismembered by a settler-only road, an Occupation settlement and two ...

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Protesters Attacked in Bil’in

To see a video of the demonstration click here. by an ISM Media office volunteer At the weekly demo in Bil’in today Occupation forces once again lashed out at peaceful protesters. As the 100-strong march from the mosque reached the ...

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“What did the shops ever do to them?”

by ISM Nablus This morning between 2 and 4 o’clock Israeli military forces entered Balata Refugee Camp, south-east of Nablus city center. Soldiers traveling in two armoured bulldozers and four military jeeps proceeded to partially destroy of ten shops in ...

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Home Demolitions in Jabal Shamali a “Mistake”

by ISM Nablus On Saturday the 26th of August, Israeli military invaded the Jabal Shamali area of Nablus and destroyed 22 homes [for a report, pictures and video, see the previous report on the ISM website]. The next day, Israel’s ...

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Real World Radio: Hernan Zin live from Gaza

Real World Radio interviewed Hernan Zin, an independent journalist who lives in Spain. Zin has been traveling around the world for 13 years —as he explains in his own blog — in order to “give voice to the excluded, the ...

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