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Tel Rumeida Birthday Circus

Yehuda yells at some soldiers who don’t want us to go to the Abu Haykal house by Shlomo Bloom July 24th: Today was the 16th birthday of two girls in the Abu Haykal family who live at the end of ...

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Police Seize Palestinian IDs

by ISM Hebron, July 23 2006 5:30 Two Palestinian women from the Tel Rumeida neighborhood were on their way to visit their aunt in the hospital when the police stopped them for an ID check. Because one of the women ...

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A Flying Start to Freedom Summer 2006

Picture from a road-block removal action in Izbat Tabib from the 15th of July. Three weeks in, and the International Solidarity Movement’s “Freedom Summer 2006” has gotten off to a flying start. More and more activists are coming to the ...

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Bil’in Mourns Hundreds of Cilivian Deaths

Today, July 21, 2006, the people of Bil’in marched in silence to the Apartheid Wall with the support of Israelis and internationals. The weekly march turned into a mourner’s procession as two hundred and fifty demonstrators carried a 20 meter ...

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Home Destruction Threat in Bir Nabala village

Documents granting the Bedouin the right to the land Today Bedouin houses were under threat of demolition in Bir Nabala village in the Jerusalem area. Since 1994, when forced to leave their homes in Al Ram by the Israeli military, ...

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International Activists Stand with Lebanon and Gaza

On Friday July 14th, 100 Stockholm-based ‘Campaign for Solidarity with Palestine’ activists blocked the entrance to the Foreign Ministry building in the Swedish capital. They formed a human chain at the front gate for 2 hours, and delivered a letter ...

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