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IWPS: 19 year old man shot at Huwarra checkpoint

12 August 2006 Today the International Women’s Peace Service (IWPS) visited a family in Haris whose son had been shot after he passed through Huwarra checkpoint on the way out of Nablus. Their son Salem is 19 years old and ...

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Israeli Soldier in Bil’in: “This is Lebanon!”

Israeli activists have uploaded a video of the shooting of Lymor and the initial violence of the Israeli military in Bil’in on Friday, August 11th. To view it click here. Higher quality for broadcast is also available from the ISM ...

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Palestinians Force their way Through Closed Checkpoint

Hundreds of people wait at Huwarra checkpoint when soldiers closed it completely on Thursday by Michael At Huwarra checkpoint on August 10th at 2:30, there was a crowd of up to 300 Palestinian people waiting to cross. The soldiers stationed ...

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Military Uses Collective Punishment of villages near Nablus

Over 100 Palestinian men wait at Beit Furik checkpoint after Israeli military closed it completely by Lina After an exchange of fire between Palestinian resistance fighters and Israeli military on one of the apartheid roads connecting Israeli settlements north of ...

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Soldiers Occupy Houses in Balata

Israeli soldiers shot the ceiling of a home when they entered to set up snipers inside by Anna Early Wednesday morning, August 9, soldiers invaded Balata Refugee Camp. They began the operation by occupying 2 homes. The mother in the ...

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Settlers Attack Internationals in Suseya

A woman from Sweden, Gabby, and a man from Austria, Sebastian, were kicked, pushed, jumped on, and bitten by settlers while they walked on Palestinian farmland the evening of August 8th. The internationals live in Suseya in order to accompany ...

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