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Israeli mayhem in the Jordan Valley

I have just returned from the Jordan Valley – an area that takes up 30% of the West Bank but is almost entirely annexed by Israel. It’s the most fertile land in the West Bank with massive underground water reserves, ...

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At last, a peaceful Shabbat in Tel Rumeida

This Saturday, the 30th of April everybody was apprehensive about further settler attacks. Over the last three shabbats settlers have mounted more and more organised attacks against internationals and Palestians in Tel Rumeida. There was a large intrernational presence in ...

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Border Police Lash Out

The huge Palestinian flag that has been used by the village on demonstrations by an ISM Media office volunteer Today’s non-violent demonstration against the Wall in Bil’in was attacked by the Israeli soldiers, as usual. The demonstrators reached the gate ...

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Timline of a Nablus Invasion

By Lee At approximately 11:00am the Army arrives at Tel street in Mafea Area of Nablus. Military Operation to search the 5 story Aljhe building, likely used by students at nearby al-Naija university, and possibly to arrest some occupants. Four ...

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Update on Nablus Incursions

Today, April 22nd, the army invaded Nablus again, which they have done almost everyday since last Monday, evacuating soldiers in houses that they have occupied. Today 5 people were hit with rubber bullets, one of them below the eye. One ...

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