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Soldiers Occupy Houses in Balata

Israeli soldiers shot the ceiling of a home when they entered to set up snipers inside by Anna Early Wednesday morning, August 9, soldiers invaded Balata Refugee Camp. They began the operation by occupying 2 homes. The mother in the ...

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Settlers Attack Internationals in Suseya

A woman from Sweden, Gabby, and a man from Austria, Sebastian, were kicked, pushed, jumped on, and bitten by settlers while they walked on Palestinian farmland the evening of August 8th. The internationals live in Suseya in order to accompany ...

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Daily Harassment at Beit Iba Checkpoint

A woman waits after a long line for soldier to approve her passing by Woody, Miss J and Ernesto There is continual harrassment and human rights abuses at Beit Iba checkpoint, northwest of Nablus, which connects the largest city in ...

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Rafah’s Remains after “Summer Rains”

“Everybody hopes to have a good life and a future. We love our children, mothers, and fathers, we love our families, like you. And we feel sad when somebody is killed. We are humans of flesh and blood. Think of ...

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Soldiers Steal Palestinian Flags from the Outpost

Shelter at the outpost (foreground), roadblock (middle) and settlement outpost (background) Internationals were disturbed at the Palestinian outpost* in Bil’in by Israeli military vehicles both during daytime and in the middle of the night. On the night of July 31st ...

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Soldiers Make Residents Pay to Pass Checkpoint

by W.B. Asira Al Shamaliyeh, a town of about 12,000 located a few kilometers north of the mountains from Nablus, has come to suffer under a new aspect of occupation. Asira has in recent months been effectively cut off from ...

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