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How else could I buy food and clothes?

By Tom At Al Quds Open University Campus in Tubas we met Raed and Firas, aged 22 and 21 yrs old. They both work in the fields and packing houses of the Jordan Valley settlements to be able to survive ...

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Bil’in: Un-cage Palestine!

by an ISM Media office volunteer The non-violent demonstration against the Apartheid Wall on the land of Bil’in village this week was themed around the economic siege of Palestine by western powers. Israeli and international activists with pictures of western ...

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Learning under occupation in Jordan Valley

by Tom Al Jifflik is a small village in the northern Jordan Valley. The villagers live largely in houses built of plastic and tin, as they are barred in Israeli law from building or repairing their houses. There is an ...

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BBC’s Coverage of Palestine/Israel unbalanced

Study finds failures in news balance and depth Reports said to show little to suggest deliberate bias Owen Gibson, media correspondent, Wednesday May 3, 2006 The BBC’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is “incomplete” and “misleading”, including failing to adequately ...

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Israeli mayhem in the Jordan Valley

I have just returned from the Jordan Valley – an area that takes up 30% of the West Bank but is almost entirely annexed by Israel. It’s the most fertile land in the West Bank with massive underground water reserves, ...

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At last, a peaceful Shabbat in Tel Rumeida

This Saturday, the 30th of April everybody was apprehensive about further settler attacks. Over the last three shabbats settlers have mounted more and more organised attacks against internationals and Palestians in Tel Rumeida. There was a large intrernational presence in ...

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