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Resistance Continues in Aboud, Despite Israeli Violence

Accompanied by dozens of internationals, between 150 and 200 Palestinian demonstrators arrived at the construction site of the annexation barrier in Aboud which will illegally claim much of the village’s land. This is the third such demonstration against the illegal ...

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Sabbath Riot by Settlers in Hebron

by ISM activists in Hebron On the 26th of November in the West Bank, a large number of armed Israeli Settlers visiting Hebron for the commemoration of the Biblical character Abraham’s burial of Sarah broke Palestinian property and assaulted Palestinians. ...

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Action Alert and Update on Bil’in prisoners

Another Arrest Raid On the 27 of November at 2:30 in the morning a large Israeli military force accompanied by Israeli border police entered the sleeping village of Bil’in. Israeli border police entered the home of Mohammed Hashem Burnat asking ...

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Who’s Afraid of Human Rights Observers?

1. Human Rights Observer to be Deported from Palestine by Israel. 2. Settler Mobs Attack Palestinians and Besiege Internationals In Hebron 3. Aboud Holds Second Demonstration Against the Wall 4. Army taught a lesson in Bil’in 5. Israeli Use of ...

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