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IOF illegally detain international volunteers for four hours

by ISM Hebron, December 26th Two international volunteers were illegally detained for over four hours this morning. They were performing a routine visit to Qurtuba School to accompany Palestinian schoolchildren, who face physical violence and harrassment from settler-colonists. The two ...

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Villagers Unite Against Apartheid Road

by Sam, December 23rd This afternoon over 200 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists participated in a protest against the proposed new settler-only, apartheid road which will run from the Gush Etzion settlement block to the south and illegally annex Palestinian ...

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Anti-Wall Protesters Sit their Ground in Bil’in

by the ISM Media team, December 15th Today’s demonstration in Bil’in was relatively peaceful, with less violence from the soldiers than there has been in the past. However, they still used rubber bullets and tear gas to attack Palestinian youth ...

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Two Jerusalem House Demolitions

by John, December 11th Last night human rights workers learned that there were going to be demolitions of houses in the Jerusalem district today so we travelled to Al ‘Isawiya. When we arrived we found that the house had already ...

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