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Home Demolitions in Jabal Shamali a “Mistake”

by ISM Nablus On Saturday the 26th of August, Israeli military invaded the Jabal Shamali area of Nablus and destroyed 22 homes [for a report, pictures and video, see the previous report on the ISM website]. The next day, Israel’s ...

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Real World Radio: Hernan Zin live from Gaza

Real World Radio interviewed Hernan Zin, an independent journalist who lives in Spain. Zin has been traveling around the world for 13 years —as he explains in his own blog — in order to “give voice to the excluded, the ...

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Bil’in Demonstrators Attacked by Experimental Weapons

for a short video, please click here Friday afternoon, the first of September 2006, the non-violent Bil’in demonstration began as it has every week for over 18 months, with Palestinians, Israelis and internationals today totaling about 150 people, proceeding towards ...

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Palestinian Children Assaulted by Israeli Army

by ISM Hebron On Sunday August 27th, two HRWs were on Shuhada Street in front of the military post which watches the Beit Hadassa settlement in Hebron. At around 5 p.m. a group of six Palestinian kids between approximately 10 ...

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