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Sewage flows in Gaza streets for 18 hours a day

(Photo by Rosa Schiano)

21st November 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Rosa Schiano | Gaza, Occupied Palestine The lack of electricity in the Gaza Strip is also creating an environmental crisis.  Wastewater treatment facilities have stopped due to the lack of fuel. In the ...

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Two Stray Bullets in Gaza


by Johnny Bravo 24 March 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza On Sunday it was reported that a young boy had been shot on farmland near the Rafah crossing. The details were unclear. Several colleagues and I traveled to Rafah ...

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12 January 2009 – The Ayad family

Mustafa, Abdel Kareem and Rezeq Ayad (Photo: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights)

12 January 2012 | Palestinian Centre for Human Rights “If there is another war I won’t be moving, even if we die there, I don’t want to go through that again” On 12 January 2009, the Ayad family home in ...

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6 January 2009: Al-Dayah family

Mohammed al-Dayah (31) with his daughter Qamar (1.5) (Photo: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights)

6 January 2012 | Palestinian Centre for Human Rights “The bodies of nine of those killed were not found, including the bodies of my wife and my children. I tried my best with the civil defense personnel to find their ...

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5 January 2009: Amal al-Samouni

Amal al-Samouni (11) sitting in front of her house in Zeitoun neighborhood (Photo: Palestinian Center for Human Rights)

5 January 2012 | Palestinian Center for Human Rights “I have constant pain in my head, eyes and ears. I have been having nose bleeds for the past three years. I can still feel the shrapnel move inside my brain” On ...

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Amid destruction, school resumes

Tara Jensen is an Australian Human Rights Volunteer in Gaza “We have no bathroom, how can we wash ourselves? How can we go to school looking like this?”, implored 13 year-old Shaima al Samouni. It’s a pertinent question, given that ...

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Amer’s story: They killed me three times

Sharon Lock | Tales to Tell 22 January 2009 Ramatan TV, nine floors up and open 24 hours, was the last bastion of internet during the strikes. We knew the place because we got asked in for interviews, and then ...

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Jan 18: At the Samouni house

Sharon Lock | ISM Volunteer The planes are still buzzing overhead, but there have been no explosions near me today. However this supposed ceasefire from Israeli’s side since 2am does not seem to have extended to Beit Hanoun, where there ...

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Where would you go?

By Eva Bartlett in Gaza ingaza.wordpress.com If your unbelievably small and overcrowded land was being terrorized, pulverized by bombs from the world’s 4th largest military, and your borders were closed; if your house was not safe, mosque (church) not safe, ...

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23 hours in Jabaliya

By Sharon in Gaza talestotell.wordpress.com January 4, 6pm – January 5, 5pm 6pm: To Al Awda hospital, run by the Union of Health Work Committees. It normally has a 50 bed capacity but has been stretched to 75. E and ...

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