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Azzoun Under Curfew Again as IOF Invade

Wednesday night, the village of Azzoun once again was set under military curfew. Around 7pm the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) entered the village with approximately five vehicles, forcing the shops to close early and the people to evacuate the streets. ...

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Settler Riots in Al Funduq

Last night settler riots ravaged the West Bank town of Al Funduq, causing an estimated $25,000 worth of damage. The riots began at approximately 8pm, after a congregation of 300 settlers from Qedemim, who had come to pray at the ...

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Israeli Army Invades Azzoun Again, Two Boys Arrested

Today, in the Qalqilia region, the village of Azzoun again came under intense military repression as two Palestinian youths were abducted by Israeli soldiers. This follows weeks of Israeli army invasions, mass arrests, home invasions, curfews and road closures that ...

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Israeli Army Invades Azzoun, Eight Men Arrested

Eight men were arrested in the village of Azzoun today as a result of an early morning raid by Israeli soldiers. Israeli jeeps entered the sleeping village at approximately 2:30am, shooting sound bombs and ordering residents to evacuate their houses, ...

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Curfew in Al Funduq

The village of Al Funduq, 15km from Qalqilia, is today under curfew. For the first time in the history of the village the 700 residents are forbidden from entering the streets, driving cars, and are subject to random house searches. ...

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