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Israeli Army Invades Azzoun Again, Two Boys Arrested

Today, in the Qalqilia region, the village of Azzoun again came under intense military repression as two Palestinian youths were abducted by Israeli soldiers. This follows weeks of Israeli army invasions, mass arrests, home invasions, curfews and road closures that have seen the residents of the village terrorized.

At approximately 4pm, Israeli soldiers invaded Azzun, firing live ammunition and sound bombs. An army Jeep drove directly to a carpark where local boys were playing football. Soldiers continued shooting, terrifying residents, and proceeded to grab at random a 15 year old boy, forcing him into the jeep and driving off – all the while threatening distressed family members who watched helplessly. He was released 30 minutes later.

Soldiers then returned to the village, and, after threatening to kill the International Human Rights Workers who were questioning at to why the army was invading the village, arrested a twelve year old boy who happened to be walking past with his father. The boy was driven off in the jeep with no explanation, and was later released.