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Settlers Cause $17,000 Worth of Damage to Al Funduq Factory

On Monday night, a group of Israeli settlers attacked a marble factory in Al-Funduq, causing damage of over $17000. The owner, Hani Mohammad Salman, believes the attack was revenge of the killing of an Israeli settler, who was shot in his car just next to the factory.

As the attackers managed to break into the yard, they smashed several marble discs, continuing with the factory’s office, breaking a television and the glass of the windows. Hani Mohammad Salman points out the broken marble, shattered in hundreds of pieces across the yard.

“Even if it’s a big economical setback, I have to continue my business. I have ten employees, all with children. How will they be able to support their families without work?”

According to Hani Mohammad Salman, the majority of customers come from the nearby settlement of Qedemim, reflecting the economical situation of the village with commercial signs in both Arabic and Hebrew.

Despite the connections with the settlers, the Israeli military decided the night of the killing to impose a curfew and block the main road with large rocks and mud, violating international law by using collective punishment against a population.