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Ynet: EU condemns settler violence

To view original article, published by Ynet on the 31st October, click here Following night of violent clashes near West Bank town of Hebron, Europe calls on Israeli government to put an end to settler violence; meanwhile, rabbi says ‘expulsion’ ...

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Settlers attack elderly woman’s home in Hebron

Hebron, Ban Islam At approximately 4:30pm on the 30th October, the house of Sureia Algremari a 95 year old woman who lives closed to the Kharsina settlement was attacked by 4-5 settlers. They threw many stones, breaking windows and entered ...

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Settlers hospitalise elderly woman in Susiya

On Saturday morning, October 11th, two shepherds from the Ehreni family were out grazing their sheep close to their home in the Susiya area. At the same time, one kilometre from the Palestinians, two settlers from the Susiya Settlement went ...

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Settlers attack two young boys in Susiya

On the morning of the 7th October at around 6 o’clock the shepherds from the Susiya area were out grazing their sheep as they do every morning. Two young boys had entered a part of their land that has been ...

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