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Settler violence in Hebron escalates after eviction of illagal settler outpost

Settler violence continues in Hebron

Following the eviction of settlers by Israeli forces from the illegal outpost known as Federman’s Farm, close to the Kharsina settlement, there have been repeated attacks by settlers on the surrounding Palestinian communities.

Settlers have attacked Palestinian houses near Kharsina settlement on several nights since. Most of the attacks have happened during the night. Settlers have come in groups of masked men, that have approached Palestinian houses and started throwing stones at the houses and people outside them. There has been international presence every night since attacks began.

On the 3rd of November settlers attacked Palestinians and international activists for the first time around 00.30am. They came in a group of at least masked settlers, though an accurate number difficult to see due to the fact that the attack came from dark grape groves. Settlers started throwing stones at people outside building, both at Palestinian residents and international activists. People who were present had come there to stand in solidarity with Palestinian families threatened by these settler attacks. The attack continued for half an hour, until settlers retreated back to settlement.

A similar attack occurred at 2.00am, with a mob coming to throw stones at people outside the house. Again the attack lasted for about half an hour.

On both cases police and military were called to come and protect people under attack, but they arrived so late that attackers had left the scene. The Israeli army was asked to send troops to protect houses for the night, but they came only in the morning at 6am, for two hours and left again at 8am.

Earlier attacks have happened on November 2nd and October 31st. All attacks have been repeating same pattern and look likely to have been committed by same people.