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Maariv: “The settlers’ welcome: a bottle in the head”

Translation from original Hebrew by Rann Bar-on. Tove Liljeholm, a 19-year old woman from Sweden, was attacked by settlers in Hebron, who threw a bottle at her while she was assisting Palestinian children. “Afterwards, they laughed” by Itamar Inbari, November ...

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Streets of Hate: a journal entry on attacks in Hebron

by aspiringnomad, November 20th His panic-stricken little face lights up when he receives the information that we’ll escort him home, sending him skipping merrily down the road on an errand to buy potatoes. This is the Palestinian Authority controlled area ...

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Israeli settlers harrass olive-pickers in Hebron

by ISM Hebron, November 11 At 7.45am our neighbours, the Abu Haikels, began to pick olives from one of their trees, by which a Israeli military outpost is placed. At the same tree, we filmed settlers stealing olives two weeks ...

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HRW Assaulted by Settler in Hebron Olive Groves

by ISM Hebron At 11:30am three of us went to the olive groves to protect the Palestinian families living in isolated homes among the olive trees. Two settlers came towards us from the Seyaj House yelling abuse at us “Fuck ...

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Three days of protest in Hebron over Gaza massacre

by ISM Hebron This report is a continuation from the report on the first day of protests . Thursday 9th November Everyone in Hebron is deeply distressed by the Israeli massacre of 18 Palestinian civilians in Gaza. All shops and ...

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