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Palestinian children forced to go the long way home

by ISM Hebron, November 21st At 11:50am: several HRWs (human rights workers) left the apartment to begin monitoring the return of Palestinian school children. The children left school with no problems. The HRWs stayed on Al Shuhada St. and monitored ...

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Amnesty International: “Israel: Fear for Safety”

23 November 2006, PUBLIC AI Index: MDE 15/092/2006 — UA 315/06 Fear for safety URGENT ACTION, ISRAEL/OT: Human rights defenders in the Occupied Territories Human rights defenders working in the Occupied Territories are at risk of attack by Israeli settlers. ...

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Another Shabbat Trespass on Abu Haikal Land

By ISM Hebron The Abu Haikals had heard that the settlers were planning to trespass on their land again for a Shabbat celebration. A Human Rights Worker (HRW) visiting in the Abu Haikal house called the District Co-ordinating Office (DCO) ...

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Maariv: “The settlers’ welcome: a bottle in the head”

Translation from original Hebrew by Rann Bar-on. Tove Liljeholm, a 19-year old woman from Sweden, was attacked by settlers in Hebron, who threw a bottle at her while she was assisting Palestinian children. “Afterwards, they laughed” by Itamar Inbari, November ...

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Streets of Hate: a journal entry on attacks in Hebron

by aspiringnomad, November 20th His panic-stricken little face lights up when he receives the information that we’ll escort him home, sending him skipping merrily down the road on an errand to buy potatoes. This is the Palestinian Authority controlled area ...

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