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Music against the No Go Zone

by Rosa Schiano 31 January 2012 | il Blog di Oliva Every Tuesday we demonstrate at the Erez border crossing, in Beit Hanoun, in the northern  Gaza Strip. The demonstration started at about 11:00 AM. We headed for the No Go Zone. ...

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Beit Hanoun demonstration under fire

by Nathan Stuckey 25 January 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza Strip Gaza was treated to a strange new sight today, not really new, but something that has not been seen in Gaza in a long time: tear gas.  In ...

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Further into the No Go Zone

by Nathan Stuckey 19 January 2012 Every Tuesday we gather next to the half destroyed Beit Hanoun Agricultural College.  At eleven o’clock, we set out into the no go zone.  This week there were about thirty of us, members of ...

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Resistance continues, demonstration in the No Go Zone

by Nathan Stuckey 11 January 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza Every Tuesday we gather in front of the Beit Hanoun Agricultural College, members of the Beit Hanoun Local Initiative, the International Solidarity Movement and other activists from all over ...

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9 January 2009 – The Abu Oda family

9 January 2012 | Palestinian Centre for Human Rights “The Israeli military say they are the most moral army in the world, but they killed my daughter, they didn’t respect her right to live” On 9 January 2009, the Abu ...

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30 December 2008: The Hamdan family

30 December 2011 | Palestinian Center for Human Rights “When I wake in the morning the first thing I do is remember my children.  I come and sit outside and picture them where they used to play. I don’t want ...

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Demonstration in Beit Hanoun three years after Cast Lead

27 December 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza The Beit Hanoun Local Initiative remembered the 1,414 Palestinians killed by Israel during its 2008-2009 “Operation Cast Lead” attack on the people of Gaza during a weekly march in the Israel-imposed “no-go ...

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Demonstration in the no go zone, Beit Hanoun

Photo: Rosa Schiano, International Solidarity Movement - Click here for more images

by Nathan Stuckey 20 December 2011 Every Tuesday there is a demonstration against the occupation and the Israeli imposed no go zone that surrounds Gaza, stealing much of Gaza’s best farmland.  Today, it was unseasonably warm, it felt almost like ...

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