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The Tale of Two Outposts

A story of Israeli Apartheid On the left of the picture is the house that Bil’in villagers have built on their land in an area that they are calling “Bil’in west”. On the right of the pictures are buildings under ...

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Bil’in: Land Grab thanks to the Wall

Bil’in is a small village located six km east of the green line, west of Ramallah. The village rests on 4,000 dunams (about 1,000 acres) and is home to 1,700 residents, whose livelihood depends on agriculture and work outside the ...

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Christmas lights in Bil’in

By Maria and Anna Bilin 26/12/05 On Christmas day, a day representing love and hope for millions of people around the world, the brave people of Bilin brought a new caravan on their land that has been unrightfully cut off ...

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Downloadable film on The Wall

In November 2002 the first section of the Israeli Aparthied Wall on Palestinian territory in the West Bank was under construction in the Qalqilya district. This short film looks at how the Wall will affect Palestinian communities and what locals ...

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IOF Continues Harrasing Jayyous Villagers

By ISM local contact Today, 11th December 2005, at 2:30am, the IOF troops invaded the west bank village of Jayyous. They searched houses and arrested theVice President of the Jayyous municipality, Mr. Issam Muhammad Hassan Shbaita. Mr. Shbaita is known ...

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