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The House is Full of Holes

By David Wylder X This is one project in my continuing performance of the role of writer and artist within society. It is for my friends, family, and to ALL OF HUMANITY AND ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN about nothing less ...

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Close Encounter of a Settler Kind

(Israeli settler after assaulting a Human Rights Worker. Behind the car is the settlment of Suseya) by Jon Qawawis is a village in the south Hebron Hills, very close to the green line, and surrounded by settlements and settlement outposts. ...

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Gaza, Elections, and Democracy

by Hannah January 27, 2006 Finally, after several years of wanting to go to Gaza, Dunya and I managed to spend two days there under the auspices of election observation. It didn’t take very long for Dunya to observe that ...

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Thousands Challenge Israeli Apartheid in Bil’in

by Henry Today, Friday the 20th of January, candidates from all Palestinian political parties and factions, including Hamas, Fatah, Al Mubadara, Democracy Front, Independent and others came to the villagers of Bil’in. There they were joined by over 300 Israeli ...

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Sharon, a Man of Peace or a Man of Pacification?

by Hedy Epstein Before I arouse the wrath of those who do not agree with my views on the Israeli/Palestinian situation, let me say that I wish Prime Minister Sharon full recovery and peace of mind. As Mr. Sharon now ...

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