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Tel Rumeida, Hebron: Recent Settler Attacks

29th May 2006. Tel Rumeida, Hebron 5:30 pm, Shuhada St, near Bet Haddasah settlement Four settler children were throwing stones at a Palestinian home. The two youngest were less than four years old and the older two were between 7 ...

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ICAHD: “Don’t Say ‘We Didn’t Know’ “

From The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions On 1st April 2006 Nasser, together with around ten other Palestinians tried to enter Israel through the Oranit checkpoint in order to look for work. A army ambush discovered them and opened fire. ...

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Al-Amari Refugee Camp Mourns

by Sam Bahour Last Wednesday, the victims were: Milad Abu-Aris, Jaafer Khaled, Aysar Kasam and Ra’ad Rabah. As I write, I can hear heavy and loud gunfire coming from the Al-Amari Refugee Camp next to our home. It is the ...

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ICAHD: “Don’t Say ‘We Didn’t Know'”

A message from the Israeli committee against home demolitions: A few years ago Zakya from the village Zita donated a kidney to her brother. It didn’t help and he passed away due to delays in the granting of permits for ...

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Bil’in Protest: Journalists Targeted, Many Injured

Hitham al-Khateeb, who was filming the demonstration, suffered a skull fracture from a tear gas canister Today Friday May 19, 2006, the army escalated its violent tactics against non-violent protestors in Bil’in, leaving 26 people injured, including Hitham al-Khateeb, who ...

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