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You will respect my authority

Tel Rumeida, Hebron
September 23rd, 2007

At approximately 17:00, an incident occurred at the proximity of the occupied house at Kiryat Arba road. Involved were 8 IOF soldiers who were off-duty and running between Tel Rumeida and the area of the incident, and 2 Palestinian men aged 18 and a third one aged 21. The three Palestinian men were walking on Kiryat Arba road when the 8 IOF soldiers who were running claimed they should always cede and step aside in the face of the IOF. The soldiers then proceeded to physically remove the three Palestinian men from the road.

The off-duty soldiers then called the IOF, where a military jeep appeared immediately. The IOF soldiers involved in the incident then claimed the three Palestinian men attempted to gain hold of one of the soldier’s gun. This happened despite the fact that the three Palestinian men were initially allowed to be within the crowd caused by the commotion. Additionally, some of the soldiers involved were even seen to be cheerful and in good humor. Moments after the three Palestinian men were detained and taken to the rear of the occupied house at Kiryat Arba road. There one was handcuffed and all three forced to sit down on the ground facing a wall, moments before Iftar; the daily breaking of the fast during Ramadan.

At 18:10, an ISM activist attempted to give water to the detained Palestinians but was prevented by an IOF soldier even though the men had been fasting all day. Moments later a second ISM activist then approached the detained men with bread and water and was able to give at least a very limited amount. Throughout the detention, Israeli settlers illegally occupying the house at Kiryat Arba road were seen photographing the detained as well as the ISM activists. The Palestinian men were then taken away at 18:45 to the police station.

The ISM activists informed throughout the detention, as well as after it had concluded, both ACRI and TIPH.