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Land Day commemorations continue in Nazlat ‘Isa, Tulkarm

On Monday 31st March, residents of the Tulkarm district continued their Land Day demonstrations with a protest against the separation wall in the village of Nazlat ‘Isa. Approximately 100 protesters confronted Israeli soldiers as they attempted to march to the ...

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Tulkarm Holds First of Many Actions Commemmorating Land Day

On Thursday the city of Tulkarm began the first of its Land Day demonstrations – a national event held on 30th March each year to commemorate the killing of seven Palestinians citizens of Israel by Israeli soldiers in 1976, during protests over land confiscation. The city began by replanting trees along Al Khadouri street – once a tree-lined avenue, now barren because the trees were destroyed by Israeli bombing during the first and second Intifadas.

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Friday Anti-Wall demonstrations marked by violence

Qaffin Friday, March 8th, saw a large demonstration in the West Bank town of Qaffin against the annexation wall. The demonstration was organised by the Qaffin municipality and featured a large block of activists from the Democratic Union. Approximately four ...

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Houses an Far’un village face imminent demolition

Two houses in the village of Far’un, near Tulkarem, are under threat of imminent demolition as the deadline given by the Israeli authorities for residents to evacuate their homes has come and passed. The original deadline, which fell on 3rd ...

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