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Arson at the Outpost in Bil’in

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE At 5pm today, May 28, 2006, Palestinian workers from the nearby settlement of Modi’in Illit called Abdullah Abu Rahme, from Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements of Bil’in, to tell him there was huge fire at ...

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Bil’in Calls for Palestinian National Unity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tomorrow after the midday prayer, the villagers of Bil’in village, west of Ramallah, will be joined by international and Israeli supporters for their weekly demonstration against the illegal annexation barrier the Israeli state is building on their ...

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Canberra Times: “The Other Aussie Heros”

posted in the Canberra Times May 18th Every Friday for the last fifteen months Palestinian farmers from the West Bank village of Bil’in and their Israeli and international supporters have marched out of the village to reach their lands on ...

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BBC: “Villagers fight West Bank Barrier”

By Martin Patience BBC News website, in Bilin After prayers at Bilin’s mosque, male worshippers spill from the modest building and begin the short walk to the West Bank barrier running close to the village. The demonstrations at Bilin have ...

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The “Only Democracy in the Middle East”

By Raad In the last week we had two decisions by the Supreme Court of the Zionist state which reveal how racist this regime is. The first one is the citizenship law which will affect thousands of Palestinian families on ...

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Bil’in Protest: Journalists Targeted, Many Injured

Hitham al-Khateeb, who was filming the demonstration, suffered a skull fracture from a tear gas canister Today Friday May 19, 2006, the army escalated its violent tactics against non-violent protestors in Bil’in, leaving 26 people injured, including Hitham al-Khateeb, who ...

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