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Israeli Self-Defense

Before Mohammed Khatib from the Popular committee against the wall being beaten on the back as he falls to the ground on the Demonstration against Israel’s Illeagel wall on friday May12th. After

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Hearing of the Petition Against the wall in Bil’in

The judges, Barak, Prokachia, and Rivlin, presiding over the court case protesting the route of the wall in Bil’in village have not yet reached a decision. In the last hearing, which took place May 14, 2006, the applicant, Bil’in village ...

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International Peace Activists Released From Hospital

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 14, 2006 The two international peace activists shot by the Israeli military at Friday’s anti-wall demonstration in Bil’in have been discharged from hospital. Phillip Reiss from Australia was released today, and BJ Lund from Denmark, was ...

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Bil’in demonstration in the press

1. “Australian injured in West Bank protest” From the Australian 2. “Sydney man shot in Israel during protest” From The Age 3. “Hamas Supporters Help Palestinian Gov’t” From The Guardian 4. “Bil’in protest wounds 2 border police” From the Jerusalem ...

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Bil’in Puts The Wall On Trial

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements is holding a large demonstration this Friday, May 12th. The demonstration will include Arab Knesset members, Palestinian Legislative Council members and representatives from the Palestinian National and Islamic forces. ...

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Jerusalem Post: “Getting carried away”

Larry Derfner, Jerusalem Post, 4th May 2006 The violence typically begins as hundreds of protesters advance on lines of badly outmanned troops trying to block the way to the village’s land, which lies on the other side of the fence. ...

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