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Bil’in Calls for Palestinian National Unity


Tomorrow after the midday prayer, the villagers of Bil’in village, west of Ramallah, will be joined by international and Israeli supporters for their weekly demonstration against the illegal annexation barrier the Israeli state is building on their land. At tomorrow’s demonstration, they will be calling for national unity and to protest against Israel’s “convergence” plan.

Bil’in villagers from all political factions and their Israeli and international supporters will try to reach land stolen from them by Israel’s annexation barrier. Bil’in’s land is ear-marked for the expansion of the illegal settlement of Metityahu Mizrah.

The villagers of Bil’in have three pending petitions in the Israeli Supreme Court. The first against the Mattiyahu East settlement built on their land. The second petition is against the route of the wall that is designed to allow the settlement expansion. The most recent, filed on May 14th, demanding that the designation of Bil’in lands as “state land” in order to benefit real estate companies be removed.

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