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Protestors hold firm around Palestine this week

International Solidarity Movement 6 July 2010 An Nabi Salih The Friday protest in An Nabi Salih was passionate and vibrant as ever. Israeli Army jeeps pre-emptively invaded the village, setting up a roadblock at the main crossroads. Dozens of villagers, ...

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Fencing match

Avi Issacharoff | Ha’aretz 1 January 2010 BIL’IN-NA’ALIN – Friday, 11 A.M. There is another hour until the onset of the weekly ritual. The participants are in face-off mode. On the “Israeli” side of the fence, south of the village ...

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Sheikh Jarrah: another day sleeping under the sky

Alternative Information Center 6 August 2009 The neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, housing about 500 Palestinians in East Jerusalem is under siege. Armed forces have been stationed here since early Sunday morning when the Hannoun and Gawi families were forcibly evicted ...

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Solidarity With Rachel Corrie (Digest)

1. Solidarity With Rachel Corrie 2. Documentary trailer: The Israeli Siege of Zawata Village 3. Tel Rumeida: Violent Settler Attacks Human Rights Workers 4. Susiya: Routine Palestinian Detention Coincides with Settler’s Continued Attempts to Steal Land 5. Wadi Rahul: Second ...

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