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‘Bite’ Activist Arrested

Adnan Ahmad Nimer, a 19 year-old activist from Beit Sira, was taken from his home last night at 2am by the Israeli military. Thirty soldiers surrounded the house, his father opened the door and the troops gathered the family into ...

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Israelis ‘detain’ Hamas minister

From the BBC Hamas officials say Israeli police have detained a cabinet minister from the new Hamas-led Palestinian government. Khaled Abu Arafa, minister of Jerusalem affairs, was arrested on the outskirts of East Jerusalem, the officials said. Hamas said Mr ...

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Everyday resistance

by: Alys a member of IWPS (The International Womens Peace Service) Prologue By ISM media Palestinian child in Tel Rumeida Hebron, a city in the southern part of the West Bank, is unique in that the settlements, inhabited by fanatical ...

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Bil’in Tries to Bridge Over Troubled Waters

by ISM Media office volunteers At about 1:20 pm this Friday 31st of March the weekly demonstration against the apartheid barrier in Bil’in set off. As usual, it consisted of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals – about 300 in all. When ...

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Land Day Actions

Since 1976 Land Day is marked by Palestinians on the 30th of March to protest against the grabbing of Palestinian lands by Israel. This year, thousands of Palestinians, along with Israeli and international activists held a series of large-scale peaceful ...

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Beit Sira Demonstration 24th March 2006

Just like many other Palestinian towns and villages, Beit Sira has it’s share of grotesque Israeli annexation barriers and surrounding of isolating settlements. In this case Makabim settlement. An ongoing expansion of land theft has resulted in thousands of olive ...

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