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Conversations at the Palestinian “Outpost”

By Ashraf It’s been almost a year of the nonviolent struggle for the Bil’in residence against the illegal Israel wall. Beyond the wall, on land owned by the Bil’in community, the people of Bil’in have built a room referred to ...

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The Siege on Balata Camp Continues

19:10 February 19, 2006 Twenty-two year old Mohammad Subkhi Abu Hanade was shot in the chest with live ammunition while he was in his home by a sniper in an occupied house adjacent to his. A medical team andinternational volunteers ...

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Resistance Collecting Momentum

Photo By AFP The struggle of Palestinian villagers against the separation wall and settlements is collecting momentum. In addition to the ongoing direct action of manning the two Palestinian “out posts” that Bil’in villagers have built on their land to ...

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Just Another Day in Tel Rumeida

By Katie “Security Post” in Hebron-Photo By Chris February 11, 2006: At approximately 11:05 a.m., three eggs were thrown out of the window of the Beit Hadassah settlement at two HRWs (human rights workers) and a group of Palestinian school ...

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The House is Full of Holes

By David Wylder X This is one project in my continuing performance of the role of writer and artist within society. It is for my friends, family, and to ALL OF HUMANITY AND ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN about nothing less ...

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Close Encounter of a Settler Kind

(Israeli settler after assaulting a Human Rights Worker. Behind the car is the settlment of Suseya) by Jon Qawawis is a village in the south Hebron Hills, very close to the green line, and surrounded by settlements and settlement outposts. ...

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