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Bil’in demonstrates in solidarity with indicted MK Baraka

Bil’in Popular Committee 13 November 2009 Directly after the Friday prayers, Bil’in citizens gathered in a large demonstration, in response to a call from the Poplar Committee Against the Wall. They were joined by international and Israeli activists, as well ...

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Ni’lin sets fire to the Apartheid Wall

Ni’lin Youth Center 30 October 2009 The heavy rain which fell down in the West Bank didn’t prevent the protesters of Ni’lin village from protesting against the Apartheid Wall, the pray held in one of the mosques in the village, ...

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Israel rations Palestinians to trickle of water

Amnesty International 27 October 2009 Amnesty International has accused Israel of denying Palestinians the right to access adequate water by maintaining total control over the shared water resources and pursuing discriminatory policies. These unreasonably restrict the availability of water in ...

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Israeli police arrest Greek diplomat in Sheikh Jarrah

26 October 2006 On Monday 26 October 2009 at 4pm, a group of about 40 – 50 international and Israeli citizens, taking part in a tour organised by the Alternative Information Centre visited the Palestinian neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah. They ...

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