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West Bank village constant target for home demolitions

Mirja, Lo, and Nils. Israel’s Next Step: Destroying Financial and Economic Structures Report from Idna just outside Hebron Idna is a village with 21,000 citiziens. Since 1948, Israel has stolen more than half of Idna’s land for illegal settlements. The ...

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Occupation on the wall

Israel’s wall along the Qalandia checkpoint road heading from Ramallah has become a giant backdrop for images of the occupation. Regularly on Thursday, and occasionally other days of the week, Passers by heading toward Qalandia see videos and slides of ...

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Mirror, mirror on The Wall

Reflecting the True Face of The Occupation By Sarita Two days after the disengagement deadline for the four settlements in Jenin District, the villagers of Bil’in and their supporters challenged the ongoing Isreali occupation and illegal settlement expansion in the ...

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Fact Sheet: The Smokescreen of the Gaza Disengagement

An International Solidarity Movement Fact sheet With the deluge of coverage about Israel’s “disengagement” from Gaza, it’s easy to be lulled into the idea that the “road map” to peace in the region is moving ahead and that the occupation ...

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Israeli kills three Palestinians

An Israeli has opened fire at a group of Palestinians in the West Bank, killing three people, in a shooting that coincided with Israel’s Gaza withdrawal. Read the rest here.

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Picture of a settlement

Kadim settlement, one the settlement being removed from the Jenin area in order to concentrate Israeli control in Jerusalem and Sulfit area. by Devon August 15 This picture is just after sunrise on the morning of the disengagement. The illegal ...

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