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Fundraising call for ISM

Season’s greetings friends!

As the holidays fast approach, The International Solidarity Movement comes close to the end of its 13th year standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people.  Every year brings new challenges under a ruthless occupation of the West Bank and an unrelenting siege of the Gaza strip, but volunteers with The ISM continue to rise to the challenge with the brave farmersfishermen, and organizers that struggle for dignity and a free Palestine. All of our work would not be possible without the support of individuals like you!

This year ISM has seen many changes. We expanded our work in Gaza, recently launched a new website and began publishing a weekly digest that makes our work more accessible to our supporters. No matter what the changes, we remain dedicated to supporting the Palestinian popular resistance and bearing witness to the crimes against humanity carried out by Israel.

Throughout 2012 we stood with Palestinians in the West Bank against unremitting settlement expansion, attacks and Israeli army violence. We acted as a presence in high-risk areas, such as the H2 (Israeli Army controlled) section of Hebron, and in firing zone 918 in the South Hebron Hills, where eight villages are in eminent danger of demolition.  We worked closely with many villages in the Nablus region, taking part in the olive harvest for the 12th year by assisting farmers in areas where they are often attacked or refused the right to enter their fields. We also continued the tradition of joining Palestinian communities each Friday in popular demonstrations against the theft of their lands and water resources in the villages of Bil’inKafr QaddumNabi Saleh, Nil’in and Al Masara.

In Gaza, we aided farmers and fishermen as they tried to make a living under the constant threat of Israeli gunfire.  Our volunteers documented the ever-worsening sewage and water crisis, ongoing struggles by the families of prisoners, and the continuing violence of the Israeli army. We actively supported Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), public information, and direct action campaigns, among other efforts to challenge Israeli apartheid, colonization and occupation, including the crippling siege, now in its seventh year. 
In 2014, we hope to improve our work even more, dedicated to the vision of a Palestine without occupation, displacement, and siege. We will face new challenges, as the occupation is ever-evolving, but your donation makes sure our work continues.  Since we began, ISM has depended on donations from individuals like you to be able to stand alongside Palestinians as part of their resistance. Now, more than ever, we can use your help to make sure that we can stand with and document courage in the face of Israeli Apartheid.

We are a dedicated non-violent movement, and you can be sure that your money is going directly to help us continue our work.  Please go to our webpage and make a donation.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation in the U.S., please donate through ISM-USA’s fiscal sponsor: A.J. Muste Memorial Institute online via JustGive or Network for Good (designate your donation for “ISM-USA”). Donations made through the Muste Institute’s sponsorship go to support ISM’s educational and organizing work in accordance with 501(c)(3) rules.

In Solidarity,

ISM Palestine