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It’s time to end this siege for good

13 August 2011 | Viva Palestina Viva Palestina is returning to Gaza with our sixth major international aid mission to bring an end to the illegal siege. Much has changed for the Palestinian people and the wider region in the 11 months ...

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Gaza’s border must be opened NOW

Pam Rasmussen | The Electronic Intifada 29 December 2009 Tell Egypt you stand in solidarity with Gaza – use this online form to send a letter to the Palestine Division at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cairo, and to ...

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International movements breaking the siege on Gaza

Suzanne Morrison | Common Dreams 28 July 2009 Since June 2007 the Israeli government has imposed almost complete closure over the Gaza Strip. The siege prevents nearly all movement of people or goods to and from the coastal region with ...

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Viva Palestine convoy updates

14 July 2009 2 pm the final negotiations are still underway at the moment; it looks like we may have an extension of the stay beyond 24 hours (all those protests in the US have paid off); all of our ...

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Viva Palestina convoy updates

Viva Palestina 12 July 2009 The Viva Palestina members who spent the night in their buses at the Suez Crossing after being stopped by Egyptian authorities on July 11 have now rendezvoused in Cairo with British Member of Parliament George ...

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Viva Palestina: our convoy to Gaza

George Galloway | Counter Punch 10 June 2009 “Where is the ummah; where is this Arab world they tell us about in school.” Those words will forever remain etched on my brain. They were spoken by a 10 year old ...

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