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Gaza must be rebuilt now

Jimmy Carter | The Guardian 19 December 2009 It is generally recognised that the Middle East peace process is in the doldrums, almost moribund. Israeli settlement expansion within Palestine continues, and PLO leaders refuse to join in renewed peace talks ...

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Viva Palestine convoy updates

14 July 2009 2 pm the final negotiations are still underway at the moment; it looks like we may have an extension of the stay beyond 24 hours (all those protests in the US have paid off); all of our ...

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Aid agencies denounce Gaza blockade

Ma’an News 17 June 2009 A group of 38 United Nations and non-governmental organizations issued a denunciation of Israel’s ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip. The groups, which include UNRWA, the United Nations Development Fund for Women and Oxfam International, ...

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Leftists protest siege on Gaza

Daniel Edelson | YNet News 7 June 2009 Dozens of left-wing activists arrived at the Erez crossing Sunday morning with sweets, toys, food items and medicines they asked to transfer to Gaza in defiance of the Israeli siege on the ...

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Urgent call to all social movements

Open Gaza Borders! We reiterate the need for a call from Palestinian community based organisations and the over 130 grassroots NGOs in the Palestinian NGO Network for an immediate opening of all border crossings currently controlled by Israel and Egypt. ...

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‘Unity of Ni’lin to Gaza urgently’

On the 17th  of January 2009, residents of Ni’lin began a collection of clothes and food to be sent to the besieged people of Gaza. Calls from the mosques announced that contributions of clothes, shoes and food could be brought ...

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