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Endless war – Nur Shams refugee camp

By Diana Khwaelid 30 December 2023 | International Solidarity Movement | Tulkarm A new Israeli incursion into the Nur Shams refugee camp continues an endless war of destruction after destruction. On the night of Sunday December 30th dozens of military ...

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Nur Shams Refugee Camp – An Unbreakable Will

By Diana Khwaelid We witness an unbreakable will in the Nour Shams refugee camp, located north-east in the city of Tulkarem, despite being subjected to more than 10 incursions, killings, arrests, destruction of roads and other infrastructure, shelling, and burning ...

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A new massacre in Nour Shams camp, Tulkarm

  19 October 2023 | International Solidarity Movement | Tulkarm By Diana Khwaelid The Israeli occupation forces launched a major military assault on the city of Tulkarm, especially on the Nur Shams refugee camp. A curfew was imposed throughout the ...

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A visit to the houses of the martyrs in Nur al-Shams

Abdulrahman Abu Daghash

Solidarity visit to the Nur Shams camp, following the deaths of Abdulrahman Abu Daghash and Oseed Farhan Abu Ali, killed by indiscriminate Israeli Occupation Forces shooting during the raid on Sunday 24th September. It’s hot, it’s the third day of ...

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Destruction after destruction in Nur Shams camp

an Israeli military vehicle in the Invasion of Nur al-Shams - 24/9/23 Invasion of Nur al-Shams - 24/9/23

Photos and text by Diana Khwaelid for ISM 20 days after the storming and the recent massacre in Nur Shams refugee camp (in Tulkarem), the Israeli occupation launched a military campaign into the camp again. On the night of Saturday, ...

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