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Six Palestinian martyrs in less than 24 hours

Six Palestinian martyrs in one day - 19 Septemeber 2023

Jenin – 20-9-2023 By Diana Khwaelid An Israeli Special Force unit stormed the Jenin camp in the northern West Bank on Tuesday evening, 19-9-2023, around 20:30 to besiege a Palestinian house. Palestinian fighters were inside the house, which belongs to ...

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Jericho: Palestinian farmers ordered to leave land

By Liza Ennab 2 August 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank Reuters reports thats Israeli authorities have given Palestinian farmers living in Jericho in the West Bank an order to uproot palm trees they have grown and leave the ...

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What happened on the 10th of January in Jericho

14 January 2012 | Mahmoud Zwahre, Al Ma’sara Village I would like to thank all of you who stand with us, who have showed amazing support these past three days and demanded our immediate release from Israeli military jail. I ...

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Al Qasab demolished as hundreds of Israeli soldiers watch

by Guillaume and William 15 November 2011  | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank This morning, on Tuesday 15th  November, national day of Palestine, three houses in Al Qasab near Jericho were destroyed by the Israeli military.  During the early morning, between ...

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Jordan Valley school named after Vittorio

Building a new school in the Jordan Valley

27 April 2011 | Jordan Valley Solidarity On Monday 25th the first brick was laid for a new school in the Jordan Valley. Volunteers from the Jordan Valley Solidarity working with Ras Al Auja community members have been making mud ...

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Giving credit where credit is due

It seems ISM has been accused of being behind another conspiracy theory. This time the backlash to the One Voice Normalization event is the fault of ISM. In fact, the only thing ISM has done about the event is repost ...

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PACBI: Celebrating Peace or Camouflaging Apartheid?

Boycott the Jericho-Tel Aviv Public Events on October 18th! On October 18th, One Million Voices, an organization led by Israelis and international figures with the support of some Palestinians, is organizing a public event in Jericho and Tel Aviv, simultaneously. ...

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