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Giving credit where credit is due

It seems ISM has been accused of being behind another conspiracy theory. This time the backlash to the One Voice Normalization event is the fault of ISM. In fact, the only thing ISM has done about the event is repost a call to boycott from PACBI. Below you will find an excerpt from Mr. Lubetzky’s blog, a response from PACBI, and a response from a solidarity activist.


Daniel Lubetzky wrote:

The Bad Guys Uncovered…

Per my prior blog post, I could have placed my bet on who is behind the “boycott” of the OneVoice Summit…

…No one other than the “International Solidarity Movement.”

Read the full blog entry here:


PACBI wrote:

Dear Mr. Lubetzky,

This is in response to your having uncovered the bad guys. The statement that has been calling for a boycott of the Jericho Tel Aviv One Voice event was initiated by PACBI, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel in collaboration with several Palestinian cultural centers, and organizations.

The call is not the first call for a boycott of a normalization event, or project, nor will it be the last (please refer to our website www.pacbi.org). It is supported by a general call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions endorsed by over 170 Palestinian civil society organizations, better known as the call for BDS.

Our main aim of the statement (https://www.palsolidarity.org/main/2007/10/03/pacbi-celebrating-peace-or-camouflaging-apartheid/) is to inform the Palestinian public, that might be unaware, that they are being lured into attending a so called “free concert” or festival, when in fact they are being required to “vote” on a ten point mandate that would be the basis for a negotiated Peace.

We believe that your organization’s mandate contributes to the confusion that has been perpetuated by the state of Israel, and its various lobbying efforts all around the world, that aim to blur the distinction between the victim, and the victimizer, the oppressor, and the oppressed, and presents Palestinians and Israelis as equal partners on a bargaining table, with no regard to Palestinian right to self determination, freedom, equality and justice.


An Activist wrote:

By portraying the conflict as balanced between equal sides with equal responsibilities, and by defining the root of the problem as violence and extremism while ignoring the context of displacement, dispossession, and occupation, in which this violence and extremism occur, you are misrepresenting the conflict in a way that damages the chances of ever achieving a just solution.

The concept of two states has been co opted by the American and Israeli administrations to mean apartheid. The Israeli state annexing the settlement blocs and the Palestinians living in Bantustans. The concept of a just solution for the refugees has been co opted to mean the refugees giving up the right of return for a right to return to Israeli controlled open air prisons. That is the “Peace” that you are supporting.