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Palestinians protest closure of Azzoun Atma gate

20 June 2009 Today there was a demonstration, led by the P.P.P., the “People’s Party of Palestine,” at the `Azzoun `Atma gate, in the Qalqilia district. This was the first demonstration in one year. The last demonstration ended with arrests, ...

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Demonstrators march in Al Ma’asara

19 June 2009 Demonstrators gathered in Al Ma’sara today to protest the construction the wall and the illegal expansion of Israeli settlements. 100 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals marched through the streets carrying a 30-foot long Palestinian flag, chanting against the ...

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Ni’lin residents demonstrate against the Apartheid Wall

12 June 2009 Approximately 100 Palestinian, Israeli and international solidarity activists gathered today in the village of Nil’in. The atmosphere was charged following last week’s murder of Yousef Akil Srour, and demonstrators were unsure of the force that would meet ...

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‘Tear gas is an emotional state’

Iris Leal | Ha’aretz 11 June 2009 The three days of mourning over the death of Yusuf “Akal” Srour, who was shot at close range on Friday during a demonstration against the separation fence in Na’alin, ended Tuesday. Srour was ...

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Can civil disobedience work if the media stays away?

Bruce Wolman | Mondoweiss 11 June 2009 What if Palestinians turned to non-violent protest and none of the media showed up to cover their actions? President Obama in his Cairo speech insisted the “Palestinians must abandon violence.” He exhorted them ...

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Funeral for Yousef ‘Akil’ Srour held in Ni’lin

6 June 2009 The funeral for Yousef Tzadik ‘Akil’ Srour was held in Ni’lin on Saturday, 6 June 2009. Srour was murdered by Israeli forces on Friday, 5 June 2009, during a demonstration against the construction of the Apartheid Wall ...

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