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Photo Essay: The funeral and burial of Rushdi Tamimi

20th November 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank Policemen take Rushdi Tamimi´s body out of the morgue Palestinian policemen waiting for the arrival of Rushdi Tamimi´s remains. Rushdi Tamimi´s body is taken for a funeral procession through the streets ...

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List of People Twitting in English from Gaza [Constantly Updated]

In Gaza: @RanaGaza – Rana @annepaq – Anne Paq (Activestills photographer) @DimaEleiwa – Dima Eleiwa @pdanahar – Paul Danahar (BBC Journalist) @jncatron – Joe Catron @AhmdFarra – Ahmad Farra @MyFreePal – Rawan @ShahdAbusalama – Shah Abusalama @Palestinianism – Farah Filasteen ...

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Message from ISM volunteer in Gaza

Gaza, Now I’m writing this from near the Gaza seaport from where I can see smoke rising around me from the bombs that fall down on the Gaza Strip from the Israeli planes above. Words fail me. Despite the limits ...

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