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Military presence at Hebron schools – regular updates

7th May 2013 | International Solidarity Movement | Hebron, Occupied Palestine By Team Khalil Regular updates on harassment of Palestinian schoolchildren by Israeli military in Hebron. UPDATE 12th May 2013: On the 12th May, once again, 2 Israeli military jeeps ...

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VIDEO: 13 year old boy arrested in Hebron

13th April 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Hebron, Occupied Palestine A thirteen year old boy was arrested from his home in the Old City of Hebron, blindfolded and detained inside several small checkpoint boxes as well as the military base ...

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Palestinian Children’s Day

5th April 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, Occupied Palestine Children’s Days around the world are intended to honour, protect and celebrate childhood. Palestinian Children’s Day, commemorated on the 5th of April each year, is no celebration – rather it is ...

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From the children of Gaza: Samouni Street

20 August 2012 | Besieged Gaza, occupied Palestine From the children of Gaza comes this adorable animation depicting the story of 4 kids of the extended Samouni family in Gaza. By animated drawings they express what happened to them and ...

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