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Raw memories of war

by Yousef M. Aljamal 27 December 2011 | Center for Political and Development Studies Simply put, I hate war. I love peace, for I don’t live peacefully just like others. My youngest sister hates war too. She could never forget ...

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28 December 2008: The Abu Taima family

27 December 2011 | Palestinian Center for Human Rights “Living under occupation means that whatever hopes we have, it will fall apart one day. For example, you bring up your child and put all of your hopes in him or ...

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27 December 2008: The Al Ashi family

27 December 2011 | Palestinian Center for Human Rights “For the upcoming anniversary of the war, me and other women who lost husbands in the attack plan to give gifts to orphans who lost their fathers during the war. The gifts ...

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Vik’s not gone

Vittorio Arrigoni and Adie

22 April 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza Vik, habibo, you’re not gone, not for me at least. In life you brought the warmth every time I met you, and to everyone else. You did not see it as a ...

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Vik: a friend, a brother, a humanist

Vittorio Arrigoni

Eva Bartlett | In Gaza I first heard of Vik before arriving in Gaza. Vik had just been injured by IOF water cannoning which shattered the windows of the fishing boat he was accompanying. Vik had some injuries from the ...

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Daily life in Gaza

4 February 2011 | Nathan Stuckey, International Solidarity Movement Gaza After spending six weeks waiting in Cairo I entered Gaza two weeks ago. I never would have guessed that Egypt would explode so soon after I left. Congratulations to the ...

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