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Protester beaten on head with rifle butt in Bil’in

by the ISM media team, February 16th At today’s demo against the Apartheid Wall in Bil’in the IOF lashed out at the peaceful protesters, inflicting 11 injuries, including one head wound. As Israeli activist Koby Snitz was attempting to protect ...

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Sound bomb dropped on Bil’in villager’s foot

by the ISM media team, February 9th At today’s weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall in Bil’in a soldier dropped a sound bomb on a peaceful protester who was part of group holding a sit-in near the gate to the ...

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Nkwenkwezi Bil’in: The Star of Bil’in

by Abdullah Abu Rahme, Coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in. Translated By Nasir Samara, February 3rd Throughout the history of the occupation, Palestinians have sought every means to resist, to make their voices heard to the ...

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Villager beaten and arrested at Bil’in

by the ISM media team, February 2nd UPDATE 10.30: Farhat Burnat will be held at Ofer Military Detention Centre for another 4 days on suspicion of ‘assaulting a soldier’. Many Bil’in residents have been abducted and held at Ofer on ...

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Channel 4: “Pushing the barrier”

by Indigo Gilmore, January 25th One village spilt in two by Israel’s controversial wall has been staging a non-violent protest for two years. To Israel it is a security fence – the Palestinians call it the “apartheid wall”. It is ...

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