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Channel 4: “Pushing the barrier”

by Indigo Gilmore, January 25th

One village spilt in two by Israel’s controversial wall has been staging a non-violent protest for two years.

To Israel it is a security fence – the Palestinians call it the “apartheid wall”.

It is more than three years since the Israelis began building a massive barrier – part fence, part concrete structure – designed, they say, to keep out terrorist attacks from the Palestinian territories.

But critics say it is less about security than annexing Palestinian land and expanding settlements.

A report out this week by the Israeli organisation Bimkom shows the barrier carving its way through the West Bank, pushing Palestinian communities into a series of enclaves.

Indigo Gilmore has spent the last week in Bilin – split in two by the barrier – where residents have been involved in two years of non-violent protests.