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Where will they go?

22nd July 2014 | Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine The attack has been going on for over two weeks. I was awakened early this morning by explosions that were so close that they shook the house. Then came a phone ...

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Jan 5 night shift / UNRWA refugee schools attacked

By Sharon in Gaza talestotell.wordpress.com Evacuated after multiple rocket hits destroyed their home 8pm: I am due at Al Quds hospital for a Red Crescent shift at 8pm, but as I am finishing up writing with the seaside apartment’s generated ...

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23 hours in Jabaliya

By Sharon in Gaza talestotell.wordpress.com January 4, 6pm – January 5, 5pm 6pm: To Al Awda hospital, run by the Union of Health Work Committees. It normally has a 50 bed capacity but has been stretched to 75. E and ...

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It’s really hard to post from here

By Eva Bartlett ingaza.wordpress.com Every time I manage to make it back to Gaza to write for a period, a new calamity. “They’re shelling Awda hospital,” in Jabaliya, the news reports. Our internationals there at the moment report it was ...

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Israel shells damage al-Awda hospital, Jabaliya

2pm, Al-Awda hospital, Jabaliya, Gaza: The al-Awda hospital in northern Gaza has been damaged by two Israeli shells. Two consecutive shells just landed in the busy car park 15 meters from the entrance to the emergency room of the Al ...

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