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Israel shells damage al-Awda hospital, Jabaliya

2pm, Al-Awda hospital, Jabaliya, Gaza:
The al-Awda hospital in northern Gaza has been damaged by two Israeli shells.

Two consecutive shells just landed in the busy car park 15 meters from the entrance to the emergency room of the Al Awda hospital. The entrance of the emrgency rooml was damaged. At the time of the shelling Ambulances were bringing in the wounded that keep pouring in. Medical teams and facilities are being targeted. Nowhere is safe. – Alberto Arce (Spain), International Solidarity Movement

This attack on the hospital come the day after four medics were killed by the Israeli military as they attempted to rescue injured people. Six Palestinian medical personnel have now been killed by Israeli attacks.

On December 31st, medic Mohammed Abu Hassera was killed on the spot as his ambulance was shelled while trying to access the wounded. Dr Ihab Al Mathoon, who was also on the ambulance, died in hospital a few hours later. Yesterday, 4th January, Yaser Shbeir, Raf’at Al-A’kluk, Arafa Hani ‘Abdul Dayem and Anes Fadel Na’im were killed when Israeli shells targeted the ambulances they worked in.

Israel has continued to violate international conventions by attacking medical personnel. They are massacring the people of Gaza. With the swelling number of civilian casualties, Israel must ensure that medical assistance is available. Instead, they are intentionally targeting the medical teams that are meant to be protected by the Geneva Conventions. Israel’s disregard for international law must be confronted by the international community. – Vittorio Arrigoni (Italy), International Solidarity Movement

International Solidarity Movement activists are accompanying ambulances in Gaza. They were, and will continue, working with medical personnel during the Israeli Occupation Forces’ ground invasion into northern Gaza.