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Soldiers Disrupt Medical Work in Tubas

by Tom Hayes We had gone to meet Red Crescent workers in the hope of establishing links between the branch and grassroots groups in Brighton. The paramedics at the branch told us of how Israeli checkpoints and closures made it ...

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March of Grapes Brutally Attacked-6 Arrested, Many Injured

by PSP, October 8 October 8, 2006-Today, Palestinian, international and Israeli activists joined together to demonstrate against land theft, road closures and economic isolation by bringing two tons of the surplus Palestinian grape harvest to an occupation checkpoint along Route ...

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Two Roadblock Removal Actions in Three Hours

by PSP, October 6th This afternoon, Palestinian, international and Israeli activists carried out two non-violent demonstrations focused on two illegal roadblocks in the al-Khalil (Hebron) region. Roadblocks in al-Jab’a and Beit Ommar were chosen, and while the demonstrators were unable ...

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What Does it Take for a Palestinian to Get a US Visa?

by Shlomo Bloom, Sunday 8th October In order to educate Americans about the situation in Palestine, two Palestinian activists are going on a speaking tour of the United States. ‘M’, one of the organizers behind a successful campaign of non-violent ...

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Plan for the Olive Harvest Campaign 2006

On the 5th of October a special meeting made up of regional ISM coordinators took place to present their plans for the olive harvest and to make everyone aware of each other’s activities so that better coordination between the regions ...

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Bil’in Defiant in Midday Sun

UPDATE, Saturday 7th – A few hours after the demonstration yesterday Israeli soldiers eventually managed to invade the village shooting rubber bullets and firing sound bombs at Palestinian children who threw stones at them to defend their village. Three houses ...

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