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HRWs Attacked with Rocks by Settlers

By the ISM Media Team At approximately 5:00 pm, two international HRWs (Human Rights Workers) walked through the olive groves of Tel Rumeida and noticed that a young settler boy (probably between the age of 10-12) was following closely behind ...

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Um Salamona: Tree Planting met with violence by IOF

By the ISM media team At approximately 10.30 am a group of about 60 Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals gathered near the Palestinian village of Um Salamona to support Palestinian farmers in their protest against Israeli Apartheid Policy and to help ...

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70 Palestinians detained at Tel Rumeida checkpoint

by ISM Hebron On the morning of June 18, four Israeli border police and two Israeli soldiers were present at the checkpoint leading into the Tel Rumeida district of Hebron. The policemen turned up at 7:20am and began conducting their ...

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Palestinians exit Friday prayers and enter mass detentions

by TRP Hebron, 16 June 2007 At 1:00pm near the Ibrahimi Mosque three international human rights workers were waiting, with members of Christain Peacemaker Teams, for Palestinains to leave the Mosque following Friday prayers. Soldiers had been randomly taking Palestinian ...

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Protesters take Rubber Bullets to Head and Stomach

by Eva, 15 June 2007 Video by Emad Bornat Three demonstrators were injured by rubber bullets in another of the weekly non-violent demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall and land grab in Bil’in village. A 29 year old American journalist was ...

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