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Gaza in Crisis: Interview With Mona El-Farra

Listen to show segment. Download MP3 of entire show. Watch 128k stream. Watch 256k stream. from Democracy Now, October 18th Israel has ratcheted up threats of a massive ground offensive in the Gaza Strip. We go to Gaza to speak ...

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AP: Israeli army “accused of attacking journalists”

Associated Press The Tel Aviv-based Foreign Press Association on Thursday accused the IDF of “unprovoked violence against journalists” after two Palestinian journalists were beaten up and one of them detained in the West Bank. “In both cases there is no ...

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Mother Jones Smears Rachel Corrie… Again

Click the above photo for a larger image Today, the 5th of October 2006, US magazine Mother Jones reposted on their website a slanderous article from 2003 by reporter Joshua Hammer called “The Death of Rachel Corrie”. The article contains ...

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Cook: “Bad Faith and the Destruction of Palestine”

Why Did Israel Blow Up Gaza’s Power Station? By Jonathan Cook, Counterpunch, September 29, 2006 A mistake too often made by those examining Israel’s behaviour in the occupied territories — or when analysing its treatment of Arabs in general, or ...

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