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USA Today op-ed: “Israel’s new plan: A land grab”

by Jimmy Carter New Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has announced that Israel will take unilateral steps to establish its own geographical boundaries during the next four years of his administration. His plan, as described during the recent Israeli election and ...

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AP: “Church of Scotland: label settlement products”

AP article from Jerusalem Post, 24th May 2006. The Church of Scotland has called on European authorities and the World Council of Churches to clearly identify products from illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands, a church official said Wednesday. The ...

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YNet op-ed: “Mr. Occupation Saw the Light”

From the Hebrew edition of Ynet. Translation by Rann. With his own hands and orders Brigadier General Ilan Paz deepened the suffering in the Occupied Territories. Surprisingly, the political realization and moral insight broke through moments after he returned his ...

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Guardian: “Israel should face sanctions”

by Ronnie Kasrils and Victoria Brittain. The Guardian, Friday May 19, 2006. The Palestine crisis is now more dramatic even than apartheid, but it is the victims who are punished. Western leaders are frustrating democratic elections in Palestine by withholding ...

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Canberra Times: “The Other Aussie Heros”

posted in the Canberra Times May 18th Every Friday for the last fifteen months Palestinian farmers from the West Bank village of Bil’in and their Israeli and international supporters have marched out of the village to reach their lands on ...

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BBC: “Villagers fight West Bank Barrier”

By Martin Patience BBC News website, in Bilin After prayers at Bilin’s mosque, male worshippers spill from the modest building and begin the short walk to the West Bank barrier running close to the village. The demonstrations at Bilin have ...

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