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ZNet: The Example of the Crazies

by Justin Podur & Neta Golan Originally published by ZNet An interview with Neta Golan Neta Golan has been described as “a legendary figure” and is one of very few Israelis who has been arrested, beaten, and harassed repeatedly for ...

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“Palestinians won’t give up the struggle”

Huwaida Arraf interviewed by the Socialist Worker Could you give your impressions of the scale of Israel’s devastation in places like the Jenin refugee camp? Jenin is unimaginable–the level of destruction that has been wreaked on this refugee camp and ...

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Adam Shapiro Ranks As a Mideast Hero

by Sheryl McCarthy Originally published in Newsday Wherever Stuart Shapiro may be, he gets my vote for father of the year. His son, Adam, is a Jewish child of Brooklyn who in the last few years has been living in ...

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CNN: Interview with Adam Shapiro

PHILLIPS: Well, we’re about to get an eyewitness account now of the Israeli siege of Yasser Arafat’s headquarters in Ramallah. Adam Shapiro is an American living in Israel. He volunteered to help attend to wounded Arafat guards inside the compound. ...

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Haaretz: Adam’s rift

By Sara Leibovich-Dar Originally published by Haaretz It was the longest day of his life. By taking over Ramallah, the Israeli army also took over the fate of Adam Shapiro, 30, from Brooklyn. Shapiro, who is Jewish, spent a full ...

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