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Ynet: “New in Gaza: Priest, nun human shields”

by Ali Waked, November 22nd Priest, nun from Michigan join dozens of Palestinians gathered at Gaza houses in effort to prevent bombing, say ‘If Israel claims family member involved in violence, arrest them, don’t’ destroy home populated by entire family’ ...

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Free AIC youth worker Ahmad Abu Hannya!

By the Alternative Information Centre An Israeli military court extended the administration detention of Alternative Information Center (AIC) member Ahmad Abu Hannya until November 30 to allow the Israeli authorities opportunity to interrogate him. Ahmad’s attorney, Sahar Francis of the ...

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Maariv: “The settlers’ welcome: a bottle in the head”

Translation from original Hebrew by Rann Bar-on. Tove Liljeholm, a 19-year old woman from Sweden, was attacked by settlers in Hebron, who threw a bottle at her while she was assisting Palestinian children. “Afterwards, they laughed” by Itamar Inbari, November ...

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Ynet: “Evacuate? Settlers continue to expand outposts”

by Efrat Weiss, November 16 Givat Assaf. Building under the nose of the civil administration Rumors of upcoming evacuation haven’t deterred outposts in Binyamin region in the West Bank from expanding. A Ynet tour of area reveals new permanent structures ...

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The Guardian: “Getting to know the neighbours”

by Conal Urquhart, November 14th Isra Damouni is transported from the operating theatre pale and still, the latest casualty from the latest Israeli raid on Nablus. The 16-year-old was lying in bed when a bullet pierced her window and hit ...

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Jerusalem Post: “Rabbis for Human Rights volunteer held”

Theresa in the Bengurion airport detention centre after being prevented by Israel from attending the Celebrating Nonviolence conference in Bethlehem last December. UPDATE: Theresa remains in detention after an Israeli judge today postponed a decision on her appeal against denial ...

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